Diamond Shape Guide: The Best Engagement Ring to showcaseyour Round Diamond

ROUND brilliant cut diamond remains undoubtedly the mostpreferable shape and a primary choice among all other diamond shapesin colourless diamonds available on today’s versatile Bridal jewellery market.
Round Brilliant cut is the quintessence of impressive brilliance and passionate love in the world of Romantic Jewellery.

Let’ssee why the Round diamond is the most flattering shape and your perfect choice:

  • It has a typical ratio of 1.00 to 1.02 with acut that resembles the shape of the rough diamond crystal to maximize shineand sparkle
  • It consists of 57 or 58 facets (depending onwhether the cullet facet is included).
  • It has 58 facets that exhibit an incredible brilliance andscintillation along with an intense and remarkable fire and glitter.
  • It is best-known as the most radiant diamond
  • The cut is everything! Therefore, when theround-shaped diamond is cut in an excellent orvery good cut, it will exhibit the best combination of scintillation, brightness, andfire and will produce an outstanding pattern of facets
  • It is a notable gem because it hasthe highest light performance which in turn exhibits the best light return
  • The Round brilliant cut is the best cut forhiding inclusions and other imperfections
  • It is Amazinglyversatile, round brilliants can be equally suitable for classic, modern and vintage style settings
  • Has a very well-known signature sparklewhich is enormously admired by celebrities and jewellery designers
  • Is a timelessly elegant classic cut thatwill never be out of vogue no matter what

In being,quintessential, radiant, and versatile, round-cut diamonds are loved by most modern brides, jewelers, designers, jewellery houses, celebrities, royals and rich and famous people, inother words, they are in vogue universally among the rich and powerful.
However, because round-cut diamonds have such superlative characteristics and such an immense popularity, they are thus priced the highest among other diamonds.

So, whilesearching for your perfectly shaped diamond for your engagement ring setting, please consider our pros and cons when deciding on your most cherished and beloved piece of jewellery.


RoundDiamond Solitaire Engagement Ring is the most popular classicstyle in Diamond Engagement Rings.

TheSolitairediamond is the most sought-after designstyle and is clearly preferred by manybrides-to-be who are interested in creating a timelessly classic piece of jewellery. This ring setting will definitelyrequire you to allocate a certain budget for a diamond size not less than 0.75 cts or preferably 1 carat and higher in order to make a statement piece with an appealing center stone.

The six-prong tiffany inspired engagement ring setting is still a bestseller. Designed on either a knife edge or a round shaped band and especially in platinum, it remains the universal choice among many contemporary brides-to-be around the globe for obvious reasons. And the amazing magic trick is hidden in the science. This setting was created by Tiffany over a century ago with the center diamond set a bit higher thanusual to exhibit the best light return whichintensifies its brilliance and fire.

Based on our observations, Solitaire engagement ring settings are adorned with fancy cut diamonds and so they are growing in popularity as a new trend. These engagementrings are often set with matching pairs of sidestones in marquise cut diamonds,
pear shaped diamonds or a combination of other fancy cut diamonds together with round diamonds. It’s a kind of contemporaryinterpretation of the classic Three stone Engagement Ring by using many different variations of diamond accents in the design.

Lately, round brilliants are also pairedwith Rose gold ring settings for a more vintage distinctive appearance. Rose gold on its own is another latest trend in bridal jewellery among new generation consumers.

New brides-to-be are also encouraged to learn the difference in shade of colour between 18K and 14k rose gold and so consider this for their prefered designs. Your ring setting made in 18K rose gold willalways appear more delicately pale with slight yellow overtone in comparison to 14k rose gold that tends to look more rich or intensely deep depending on the percentage of coppercontent in gold alloy. Another important factor to be taken into consideration, is that14k rose gold ring will be more durable and less scratchable incomparison to 18k rose gold setting.


Six-prong Platinum Engagement Ring Timeless Classic Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring custom made in platinum with Knife edge shank featuring a 2 ct. tw. Certified Round Brilliant Cut Diamond in Six Prong Setting Four-prong Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring This custom designed Cathedral style Ring setting is made on a tapered band and is adorned with graduated-diamond-style-accents, handset in shared prong. Made-to-Order Customizable Engagement Ring This distinctive Engagement Ring Setting features Classic Round Brilliant Cut Diamond accented with matching pairs of marquise and round diamonds in 14K rose gold. Custom designed Solitaire Round Diamond Engagement Ring in 18K Rose gold This Classic Engagement Setting features 1.7 round brilliant cut diamond on dazzling band accented with melee diamonds in micropave along with an Embellished Gallery in Four-prong

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