Fruma All-Natural Skin Care

Years of research to uncover effective formulations for skin. Fruma products are all-natural with 73% or more organic ingredients with herbal and plant  extracts, essential oils and natural fragrances that are void of chemical, allergen and synthetic ingredients. Formulated for all skin types.

Our products include organic jojoba oil which is a great anti-inflammatory used to calm the skin; organic aloe for skin damage control and repair, vitamin E to strengthen the skin plus anti-aging ingredients as well.

Many major brands use fillers, synthetic ingredients and harsh preservatives which causes skin irritations and other problems.

Anti-aging and ultra-hydration with no allergen, chemical or synthetic ingredients. We’ve got it and now you can have it too. Try Fruma products for yourself and get 30% off use coupon code: trailoffer.  Go to


• All-Natural
• Organic ingredients mean the purest that nature has to offer
• No harmful preservatives
• Anti-aging ingredients
• Aloe for skin damage control and repair
• Vitamin E to strength your skin
• No allergen, chemical or synthetic ingredients

Our brand is comparable other all-natural brands like L’Occitane but made in the USA.